Using a materials hoist, such as a swing or platform hoist, will save you valuable time and manpower, and allow you to move tools and materials in a safe and efficient manner. Hoists are used on both residential and commercial job sites, are easy to transport, and come with many helpful accessories like plywood carriers and gravel hoppers. 

What Are Hoists Used For? 

A swing hoist mounts directly to the roof of a building and uses a pulley system to lift materials. This type of hoist requires ballast weight to counterbalance it enabling it to lift heavier loads. In addition to vertical lifting, a swing hoist can also move left or right. Swing hoists can utilize attachments like trash trays and gravel buckets and are powered by gas or electric drives and hydraulic winches. This type of hoist is ideal for handling heavy, bulky loads. 

A platform hoist also known as a ladder hoist is a platform mounted to a track that allows vertical lifting and lowering of materials. The platform is secured to the track via a cable system that’s controlled from the ground. The power drive is mounted at the base of the ladder which helps stabilize the system. Lightweight and more cost effective than cranes and forklifts, these lifts are easy to assemble and work well at small commercial and residential construction sites. 

Hoists are used by many different types of contractors including residential and commercial builders, roofers and solar panel  installers. Using a hoist is a simple way to lift both materials and tools safely and efficiently on just about any kind of job-site. Hoists also come with various attachments and accessories specific to different types of industries and work. 

Helpful Hoist Accessories for Different Types of Jobs 

Whether you work in a specific industry and only install solar panels for example, or use a hoist to lift a variety of different tools and materials, there’s probably an attachment that can make your job even easier! 

RGC’s platform hoist accessories can add  safety and support to the lift system, like the telescope support, which adds reinforced support on longer track lengths.  Or the roller angle guide, which moves material safely away from the roof’s edge.  While other accessories  are tailored to handle specific jobs such as our solar panel carrier attachment and our plywood/truss carrier attachment that can lift plywood, wallboard, roof trusses, framing materials, doors and more. If you need to lift small stones or granular material, the gravel hopper can do the job.

RGC’s swing hoists also come with helpful accessories like the hoist forks which are ideal for moving large quantities of rolled materials and the bottom discharge gravel buckets. You can also utilize a trash tray to transport materials like old tiles or shingle quickly and efficiently.

Whatever the industry and wherever the job-site, we have a solution to help make your job safer and easier. Need help determining the right equipment for the job? Contact us today. 

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