RGC’s platform hoists and swing hoists make it easy to transport roofing and other construction materials without the need for heavy equipment or machinery. Whether you need vertical lifting and lowering of materials or the additional option to pivot and move, we have a lifting solution for you.

What is a Platform Hoist? 

A platform hoist also known as a ladder hoist is a platform mounted to a track that allows vertical lifting and lowering of materials that would otherwise need to be hauled up by hand. Lightweight and more cost effective than cranes and forklifts, these lifts are easy to assemble and work well at small commercial and residential construction sites. These hoists are designed to efficiently move heavy items and transport tools, equipment and supplies to the top of a building or structure safely and securely.  

The platform is secured to the track and travels along the vertical uprights via a cable system that’s controlled from the ground. The power drive is mounted at the base of the ladder which helps stabilize the system by adding weight to the bottom and is controlled by a lever from the ground. The loaded platform will rise up the ladder to be received by someone at the top then the ground operator will lower the platform which is equipped with a braking system for added safety.

Using a materials lift will save you time and manpower, and allow you to move materials in a safe and efficient manner. RGC’s platform hoists have 200-400 pound capacities and are available with a gas or electric power drive. In addition to our classic ladder mount lift, our pivoting platform hoist operates similarly to a conveyor belt lifting materials up and over the peak of a roof and is adjustable from 35°-70° allowing it to accommodate nearly any sloped roof.

What is a Swing Hoist? 

A swing hoist mounts directly to the roof of a building and uses a pulley system to lift materials up, preventing the roofers from having to carry shingles and other heavy materials by hand up the ladder. This type of hoist requires  ballast weight to counterbalance it enabling it to lift heavier loads to great heights. In addition to vertical lifting, a swing hoist can move left or right enabling material to be loaded/unloaded safely away from the roof’s edge. The swing hoist utilizes attachments such as trash trays and gravel buckets for transport of different materials. 

For projects that require heavy, bulky loads, RGC’s swing boom hoists are available in 1,000 lb. (HS1000) and a bi-directional 2,000 lb. (HS2000) capacities. These hoists are easily transported and assembled. Self-locking pins and basic hand tools join the components together to quickly build a strong, safe, reliable hoist. 

RGC’s swing hoist is designed with safety in mind, including nesting ballast weight shells, self-locking hydraulic boom and cable keeper as standard equipment. RGC’s swing hoists are powered by gas and electric drives and hydraulic winches are available for each model which provide smooth and precise boom lifting and lowering control.

Need help determining the right equipment for the job? Reach out to us today. 

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