Choosing an electric versus a gas powered platform hoist of any kind has many considerations when it comes to deciding which one to buy. Before choosing the type of power drive for your hoist, you’ll want to know what type of environment you plan to use the hoist in (indoors or out) and whether you’ll have access to electricity or a plug-in power supply. 

Gas vs Electric Power Drives

Probably the biggest question is whether your jobs are  indoors or outside. Gas powered hoists are only suitable to use outdoors  due to the exhaust fumes. Even if a gas drive is used outdoors, it will still create exhaust and noise. Keep in mind that some job sites have noise ordinances and may even forbid the use of any type of combustion engine due to fire or explosion risk. While gas drives may be less expensive to operate than electric ones, you should consider whether they are  the right fit for your job site. 

Electric power drives offer quiet, emissions-free power and are suitable to use both indoors and outside offering more versatility.  However, electric drives do require an electric power source via the grid or from a generator. In addition, electric power drives may not be suitable in wet or damp environments due to the risk of electric shock. Electric power drives offer a versatile, emissions-free, reliable option for your platform hoist.

On the other hand, gas power drives are more portable, since they do not need to be plugged in. In addition, gas power drives can be used in wet environments. Gas power drives are generally less expensive to operate, depending on the cost of gas, but they are noisier, have fumes and cannot be used indoors.  If all your jobs are outside, a gas power drive is a reliable, safe option that can work in remote sites where an electric supply may be scarce.

Other things to consider when deciding which type of power drive is right for your hoist include the power output (which is usually the same for both gas and electric drives), the weight of the drive (electric drives tend to weigh a little more than gas powered), overall run time and dependability. Electric power drives are also considered a more eco-friendly power source.

Why Choose RGC’s Classic Platform Hoist

RGC’s platform hoists are the most economical, safe and labor saving method of raising materials to a roof on both residential and commercial job sites. Our hoists are engineered for professional roofers, contractors and maintenance crews with features that appeal to home builders, masons, service installers and more. These hoists provide an efficient, low cost system for lifting all sorts of construction materials, equipment and tools. 

RGC Platform hoists are available in 200 lb. and 400 lb. lifting capacities, with your choice of gas or electric power drives, and 12 ft., 16 ft., 28 ft., or 44 ft. of track. These hoists are easy to transport and assemble and maintenance is minimal. RGC’s Platform hoists also come with a wide variety of accessories and attachments so you can easily lift plywood and studs, windows and skylights, bricks and mortar, roofing materials, gravel and all the tools needed to build and install. 

Do you need help determining the right equipment for the job? Reach out to us today. 

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