Classic 400 lb. Platform Hoist

Safe, Convenient and Reliable, the Classic 400 is a ladder hoist you can trust to get the job done.  With up to 400 lbs. lifting capacity and a variety of packages to choose from, the Classic 400 ladder lift has been the choice of construction professionals for 75 years.

Sizes: 16-foot, 28-foot, and 44-foot track sizes available
Drives: 4hp B&S Gas, 4hp Honda Gas, 1-1/2hp Electric
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Classic 400 lb. Platform Hoist

The Ladder Hoist trusted by roofers for over 75 years!

The RGC Classic 400 lb. Platform Hoist is a ladder hoist that lifts shingles, plywood, trusses, solar panels and other materials to the roof safely and efficiently.  The ladder lift is safest, easiest, most economical and reliable way to raise materials to the roof on residential and commercial job sites.  RGC’s Classic ladder hoist allows you to customize the lift to fit your needs, with gas and electric power drives to choose from. Add 4 foot, 8 foot or 16 foot track sections to extend the length of the ladder hoist up to 44 feet*.  Lightweight and cost effective, RGC’s Classic 400 ladder hoist is easy to assemble with no special tools required.  Packages available in 16-foot, 28-foot or 44-foot*options.  Customize with Platform Hoist Accessories.

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400 lb. Classic Ladder Hoist Features:

  • Various drive options include 4-hp B&S gas, 4-hp Honda gas, or 1.5-hp Electric.
  • Easy to reach long clutch and brake handles enhance user safety.
  • Dual anchor points on the 3rd and 5th track for added stability.
  • Brake rope design allows safe, controlled descent.
  • Dual handle controls provide convenient, safe operation away from the load.
  • Heavy cast aluminum shoes on base track adds stability in various ground conditions.
  • Minimal operator effort reduces user exhaustion.
  • Pulleys with polymer sheaves prolong wire rope life and permit smooth platform movement.
  • Lightweight for easy transport and set up.
  • Quick, easy assembly without any special tools.
  • Large, open platform with removable rollers provides exceptional versatility of use.
  • Ideal for use on steeper landscapes since the drive mounts higher on the track.
  • Extremely durable construction for years of use saving you time and money.
  • RGC has been the choice of construction professionals for over 75 years.

*Please Note: Telescope Support required on heights over 28-feet.
**Please Note: This platform hoist is for material lifting only. The track (ladder) is not intended for climbing as this could lead to serious injury.

Choose from:

  • 4-hp Briggs & Stratton gas, Honda gas or 1.5-hp Electric power drives
  • 4′, 8′ & 16′ Track lengths

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Classic Drive Hoist Specifications
Classic 400 Classic 200
Load Capacity 400 lbs. 200 lbs.
Lift Speed 110 fpm 220 fpm
Platform Size 24 in. x 24 in. 17 in. x 18 in.
Track (3-3/4 in. Side Rail) 24 in. wide 17 in. wide
Track Length Option A Option B*
12 ft 8′ base + 4′ track n/a
16 ft 16′ base 8′ base + 8′ track
28 ft 16′ base + 8′ track + 4′ track 8′ base + (2) 8′ tracks + 4′ track
44 ft 16′ base + 16′, 8′ & 4′ track 8′ base, (4)-8′ tracks + 4′ track
Classic 400 lb. Platfrom Hoists
Part # Part Name Track Size Engine/Motor Weight Price
0431416 Classic G-16 ft. 16 ft. 4hp B & S gas 256 lbs. $2,742
0450944 Classic HG-16 ft. 16 ft. 4hp Honda gas 263 lbs. $3,070
0431316 Classic E-16 ft. 16 ft. 1-1⁄2hp electric 282 lbs. $2,926
0431428 Classic G-28 ft. 28 ft. 4hp B & S gas 289 lbs. $3,019
0450945 Classic HG-28 ft. 28 ft. 4hp Honda gas 296 lbs. $3,398
0431328 Classic E-28 ft. 28 ft. 1-1⁄2hp electric 315 lbs. $3,439
0431444 Classic G-44 ft. 44 ft. 4hp B & S gas 380 lbs. $3,685
0450946 Classic HG-44 ft. 44 ft. 4hp Honda gas 387 lbs. $4,054
0431344 Classic E-44 ft. 44 ft. 1-1⁄2hp electric 406 lbs. $4,095