Ballast Weights


Ballast weight shells are made of an easy to assemble steel shell that can be filled with concrete for improved stability and counterbalance for swing and trolley hoists.



Ballast weight shells are required for counterweight when operating swing and trolley hoists. These Ballast Weight Shells are made of an easy to assemble3-piece snap-lock design. Sturdy and easy to carry, the ballast weights are shipped in knock-down form. When assembled and filled with concrete, each ballast shell weights 50 lbs. Ballast weight shells provide counterbalance for swing hoists and trolley hoists.

NOTE: Ballast Weight Shells must be filled with concrete before using.

Ballast Weight Shell RGC Hoisting

Ballast Weight Shells
Part # Description Weight Price
0132000 Ballast Weight Shells (each) 5 lbs. $80
0132006 Ballast Weight Shells (6-pack) 31 lbs. $408
0132010 Ballast Weight Shells (10-pack) 50 lbs. $651
6432005 Funnel-large for filling ballast weight shells 1 lb. $13


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