200 lb. Track Sections

Add on to your 200 lb. Classic Platform Hoist with track sections. Track Sections for RGC 200 lb. Classic Platform hoists are available in 4-ft., 8-ft. or 16-ft sections with splice plates and 16-ft base sections with safety shoes and 3 stiffeners. **Note that Platform heights greater than 28 feet require TELESCOPE SUPPORT.

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RGC Track Sections for 200 lb. Platform Hoists

RGC Track Sections can be added to your 200 lb. Platform Hoist to extend the height. Available in 4-foot, 8-foot, and 16-foot sections, so you can customize your ladder hoist to work at any job site.  The 16-foot Base Section comes equipped with Safety Shoes and 3 stiffeners for stability. Add any size section on to this base to achieve the height you desire.  Track sections are sold with either safety shoes or splice plates.  RGC Track Sections are sturdy and reliable and easy to maintain.  RGC Track Sections are stackable, so you can easily transport them in your truck.

Compatibility: Classic 200 Platform Hoists

200 lb. Track Sections
Part # Part Name Weight Price
0405575 200 lb. 16 ft. Base with Safety Shoes & 3 Stiffeners 41 lbs. $461
0400571 200 lb. 16 ft. Track with Splice Plates 36 lbs. $379
0420088 200 lb. 8 ft. Track with Safety Shoes 23 lbs. $369
0400572 200 lb. 8 ft. Track with Splice Plates 19 lbs. $215
0400573 200 lb. 4 ft. Track with Splice Plates 11 lbs. $128

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