Platform Hoists

RGC Platform Hoists are high quality ladder lifts that have been designed and built to last many years of use. These economical ladder hoists will save you time and money. The RGC ladder lift can efficiently move up to 400 lbs. of material to the roof, safely and quickly. Our ladder hoists are unique because they can be customized with your choice of 3 different power drives: Briggs & Stratton gas, Honda gas or electric. In addition, the height of the hoist can be customized depending on the job, from 16 feet all the way up to 44 feet. Whether you need to lift shingles, wallboard, plywood, solar panels, scrap and more to the roof, RGC’s platform hoists get the job done fast!

Please note: RGC Platform Hoists and ladder hoists are intended to lift materials only. The ladder should never be used for climbing as this can lead to serious injury.

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