Utilizing the lifting power of a materials hoist, such as a swing or platform hoist will save you valuable time and manpower and allow you to move tools and materials in a safe and efficient manner at commercial or residential job sites. Platform hoists can move loads 200-400 lbs, while swing hoists can handle heavier loads of 1,000-2,000 lbs; loads exceeding these ranges would likely need to be transported by some sort of crane.  

Material Hoists for Smaller Loads

If your loads are typically less than 400 pounds, a platform hoist might be worth considering. Also known as a ladder hoist, it consists of a platform mounted to a track that allows the vertical lifting and lowering of materials. These hoists are designed to efficiently move heavy items, tools, equipment and supplies to the top of a building or structure safely and securely. Lightweight and more cost effective than cranes and forklifts, these lifts are easy to transport and assemble and work well at small commercial and residential construction sites. 

RGC’s platform hoists are available in 200 lb. and 400 lb. lifting capacities, with a choice of either gas or electric power drives and 12 ft., 16 ft., 28 ft., or 44 ft. of track. These hoists are easy to transport and assemble and maintenance is minimal. Engineered for professional roofers, contractors and maintenance crews, platform hoists also appeal to home builders, masons and service installers  because they are easy to use and move around.

RGC also makes a pivoting platform hoist which operates similarly to a conveyor belt lifting materials up onto the  roof. This hoist is adjustable from 35°-70° allowing it to accommodate nearly any type of sloped roof. Both of RGC’s Platform hoists come with a variety of accessories and attachments making it easy to lift plywood and studs, windows and skylights, bricks and mortar, roofing materials, gravel and all the tools needed to build and install.

Material Hoists for Heavy, Bulky Loads

For projects that require moving large, bulky loads that weigh 1,000-2,000 lbs, a swing boom hoist might be worth considering. These hoists mount directly to the roof of a building and use a pulley system to lift materials. This type of hoist requires ballast weight to counterbalance it enabling it to lift heavier loads to great heights. In addition to vertical lifting, a swing hoist can move left or right enabling material to be loaded/unloaded safely away from a roof’s edge. 

RGC’s swing hoists are available in 1,000 lb. and a bi-directional 2,000 lb. capacities. These hoists are easily transported and assembled and use self-locking pins and basic hand tools to join the components together to easily build a strong, safe and reliable hoist. They’re powered by gas and electric drives and hydraulic winches are available which provide smooth and precise boom lifting and lowering control. Swing hoists can also utilize attachments like trash trays and gravel buckets. 

If you need help determining the right equipment for the job don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. 

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