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man standing on a ladder hanging lights on his roof

How Do You Walk on a Roof Without Damaging the Shingles?

Whether you’re trying to hang Christmas lights or need to fix a roofing issue, you might be wondering if walking on your roof will cause damage to your shingles, tiles or other roofing materials. It is possible to damage your […]

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Bi-Directional HS2000 Swing Hoist - 1 Ton Capacity

How Much Weight Can a Hoist Lift?

Utilizing the lifting power of a materials hoist, such as a swing or platform hoist will save you valuable time and manpower and allow you to move tools and materials in a safe and efficient manner at commercial or residential […]

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RGC Gravel Hopper for Ladder Hoist

Where Are Hoists Used?

Using a materials hoist, such as a swing or platform hoist, will save you valuable time and manpower, and allow you to move tools and materials in a safe and efficient manner. Hoists are used on both residential and commercial […]

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power drive

Should You Use a Gas or Electric Powered Drive for your Lift?

Choosing an electric versus a gas powered platform hoist of any kind has many considerations when it comes to deciding which one to buy. Before choosing the type of power drive for your hoist, you’ll want to know what type […]

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PL400 in use

How to Safely Work on Sloped Roofs

As the first line of defense against the elements, properly maintaining a roof is essential to protect the value and integrity of a home. Roofing accidents account for nearly 10% of fatal falls, slips and trips, so it’s important to […]

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roofing brackets installed on a roof

How to Use Roof Brackets

Roof brackets are metal devices designed to create a stable platform to stand or rest materials on while working on roofs with a low to moderate pitch. Proper installation and removal of the brackets is important to keep workers safe […]

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house with a complicated roof

What is Roof Pitch and Why is it Important?

A roof’s pitch determines the steepness of the roof of a building and is an important factor to consider, especially when it comes to roof repair or installation. Understanding the measurement of your roof’s angle will allow you to determine […]

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person operating a roof mounted swing hoist

What is a Materials Hoist?

RGC’s platform hoists and swing hoists make it easy to transport roofing and other construction materials without the need for heavy equipment or machinery. Whether you need vertical lifting and lowering of materials or the additional option to pivot and […]

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