Since we started business back in 1946, RGC has maintained a standard for excellence in technology and durability. For over 75 years, RGC has provided safe and simple hoisting solutions so you can get the job done. Through our vision of intelligent engineering and a focus on low maintenance and superior functionality, RGC roofing products put you ahead of the game.

RGC is a proud leader in the roofing industry.  We design and manufacture the highest quality hoisting products and accessories in the USA.  Our decades of experience provides reliable hoisting equipment that you can trust.  From our ladder hoists, swing hoists, hand winch, spare replacement parts and ladder hooks, our products are built to last.

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A customer favorite for decades, it’s the ladder hoist you and your crew know and trust. RGC’s Platform Hoists offer support for loads weighing up to 400 pounds while keeping your crew’s safety paramount. Lightweight and more cost effective than cranes or forklifts, these ladder lifts assemble easily without the need for special tools. View Page

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Every job is a big undertaking. When the project calls for moving up to 2,000 pounds of stone, asphalt or equipment, you need a swing hoist that’s up to the challenge. RGC’s Swing Hoists can be set up to swing to the right or left, depending on need, and are constructed with high-strength steel tubing for reliable, sturdy hoisting. Hydraulic power gives the operator complete control of lifting and lowering speed, providing extra safety protection for the crew. View Page

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Portable power doesn’t have to be lacking in oomph. RGC’s HydraPaks are versatile single-power sources that put reliable, efficient hydraulic power at the job site. These lightweight, portable power drives can operate a Swing Hoist or a HydraSaw. All gasoline-powered RGC HydraPaks are equipped with a six-gallon hydraulic reservoir, lifting eye, low-oil shutdown, a heavy-duty heat exchanger and are cart-mounted with 16” pneumatic tires. View Page

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With RGC’s roof brackets and shinglers, everything is kept securely where it is needed. Steel-crafted brackets and shinglers come in a variety of angles and are adjustable to fit most roof pitches. View Page

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Find Spare Parts for your RGC Platform Hoists & Swing Hoists and accessories.  Browse our store for the parts you need to keep your RGC Platform Hoists and Swing Hoists operating.

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RGC has been a leader in the roof hoisting equipment industry for more than half a century. Learn more about our ladder hoisting products, our swing hoisting products or contact us today for assistance finding the right roof hoisting equipment for your job.